2019, Let’s Go

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!

It doesn’t quite feel believable that it’s January 1st around here although that’s probably because it’s legit 70 degrees here in Raleigh today. Seriously.

It seems fitting, though, that today is the first day of the year and I spent a portion of it in the gym. Now, that’s obviously not all that different from thousands, if not millions, of other people but hey, I was there.

I’m beginning 2019 in a manner that I would have never thought I would – and that is with a trainer. It feels strange even saying that, like there’s this weird thing that happens when I even say the word “trainer” but nevertheless, I’ve got one. And truthfully, it was high time.

My health journey isn’t super interesting in the grand scheme of things and I’m still learning to listen to my body and become more in tune with what it needs. And right now, in this season, it needs the addition of strength training and I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to get very far if I start out solo. Is it uncomfortable? Um, yes. My body kind of hates me. Is it awkward? Yep. But God has been showing me lately just how much I need to focus on my health in all areas (spiritual, mental, physical, etc). He’s reminding me that when one thing is off – whether it’s in my physical wellness, spiritual wellness, or whatever – it shows up in other areas of my life.

Honestly, any growth I’ve had in this area, I can only attribute to the summer of 2017 when I completed my first Whole30. It was July 2017 and I transitioned directly into a Paleo lifestyle for about 2-3 months and I swear, it changed my mindset on nutrition completely. I experienced that almost inexplicable feeling of just feeling good. It was no one particular thing but when I was diligent about nourishing my body with delicious gluten/grain/dairy free dishes – real food – I felt more like myself than I probably ever had. And I hadn’t even realized I’d been craving that feeling again because I hadn’t even realized how far I’d drifted from it.

So, I’m starting this year doing my absolute best to use these training sessions over the next eight weeks to cultivate a new lifestyle and new habits. As an Enneagram Nine, I’m great at rhythms and routines when others are the ones in the charge. But this? Taking the initiative to get in the gym, get back into yoga, and get back to nourishing my body with the food I know it needs? It’s all me. And it’s a little scary considering that I’ve dropped the ball in the past. But the thing that keeps coming to mind is gratitude that these things aren’t a “have to”, they’re a “get to.”

I don’t have to eat gluten-free or dairy-free because of an allergy or a medical condition. There are countless people who do, several people that I know personally. No, I don’t have to have a trainer and I don’t have to go through the pain of reminding my body that it has muscles. I get to. I get to choose how I eat and I get to choose to treat my body well after years of not being the kindest to it.

There’s nothing magical about January 1st, these revelations just happened to fall at this point in the calendar. And I’m hopeful for the rhythms and habits that are going to be cultivated this year.

2019, let’s go.

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