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Welcome to August, also known as the month that all teachers dread. Just three more weeks until I head back to work to prepare for my fourth year as a teacher and I’m not ready! I may act like I will be going back to work kicking and screaming but truthfully I am excited to get back to more structure and I will be bringing copious amounts of coffee with me. I wake up early during the school year, guys. Anyway, I am back to link up with Anne this month for the Currently linkup so enjoy!

Hearting // Netflix! I probably should be embarrassed by the fact that I have literally watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, like, at least three or four times since it hit the site but I just can’t bring myself to be. November 25 will be a dream, you guys. I also have been taking sometime to catch back up on The Vampire Diaries ahead of the eighth and final season this Fall. I watched TVD faithfully for the first five seasons but got out of it somewhere during season six. The recent announcement of the show’s end has me super nostalgic and I figure I should catch back up so that I can watch the final season. But seriously, I loved this show and it actually led me to some of my closest friends during my early blogging days.

Watching // Well, I was super tempted to copy and paste the last entry into this answer also. Clearly, I have been watching Gilmore Girls and The Vampire Diaries but I have also been binge-watching the entire Chicago franchise (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD) over the course of the summer. Man, am I ready for Fall TV.

Exploring // Hm. Haven’t been doing too much exploring as of late, but I will probably be escaping to the mountains for a few days over Labor Day weekend.

Creating // Over the past few days, I’ve probably written more than I have in the past few months and it feels amazing to have that outlet open again. Excited to be the vessel for this message and these wordsย from God!

Eating // I’m not eating it, sadly, but I’m seriously craving some chips and salsa right now.

What are you up to currently?


  1. Enjoy your last three weeks! Schools down here are starting today and tomorrow! (Yep, teachers went back last week!) This is the first year in forever my brain didn’t say, “Shouldn’t we be getting ready for school?” We homeschooled for 14 years, and my youngest graduated three years ago. It was a great season of life, and/but I’m enjoying THIS season mightily! As you’ll see on my Currently, I’m binge watching West Wing these days. Gotta love Netflix!

  2. I want to watch Gilmore Girls, but I’m afraid if I start I will literally NOT stop until I’ve watch them all haha. I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of summer break ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. CHIPS AND SALSA IS LIKE THE ETERNAL CRAVING OF LIFE. like what is the meaning of life? EAT ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA (i just made that up)

    and i just finished binge watching all 11 seasons of criminal minds on netflix and i’m literally about to start it all over again because YOLO. ๐Ÿ˜€

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