Eight Years

Last Friday, The Vampire Diaries ended its eight year run on The CW. Why am I writing that here? Because the show’s ending is actually very bittersweet for me personally.

(Which does seem a little funny and almost embarrassing to admit, truthfully.)

The Vampire Diaries played an important role in my life. I came upon the show not long after discovering the Twilight series and both franchises helped to alter the course of my life, believe it or not.

Full disclosure, admitting my fangirling nerdiness to you in this moment feels very strange, but bear with me.

As I think back to the past eight years that I was a fan of this show, it’s truly incredible to think of the ways in which I have changed in that time. At the time, I was a freshman in my first year of college. I was naive about the world and thought that I had my future mapped out. I was a freshman education major who was obsessed with pop culture and yearned for a career in journalism – covering my favorite celebrities, books, and films. It wasn’t much after this that I stumbled on the world of fansite blogging and found the way that I could write articles on the things I loved while also keeping myself on the more realistic path of teaching.

It opened the door for me to learn and fall in love with writing and blogging. Through Twitter, I found other women who loved the same books, movies, and TV shows that I did and our friendship has lasted through marriages, pregnancies, and endures still today.

After joining a Twilight fansite as a contributor and learning as much as I could, I launched a site that centered around The Vampire Diaries. It was short-lived, but it was a stepping stone towards launching my second site for the Divergent series. From there, I found myself running headlong into a life that was glamorous, exciting, and wholly unexpected.

I visited film sets, attended Hollywood premieres with a press badge, and interviewed celebrities in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. I became obsessed with social media notoriety, with the names of those that followed me on social media, and finding a way to make this life my reality for as long as possible.

Throughout all of it, I pushed God out to the wings and kept my distance. I didn’t want to ask Him what my future really looked like because all I saw were the bright lights and glamour that I thought could keep me satisfied. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in mass communication and I thought I was set. Until it all came crashing down when I entered a season that led me to lose six family members in two years.

I’m not the same person that I was eight years ago.

And I have God to thank for that.

I do feel incredibly honored that God would allow me the chance to live out my dream like He did over the past eight years. He didn’t have to. I wasn’t even in the practice of communicating with Him at the time back then, but He still knew my heart. He knows all of my hopes and dreams. Though a career in journalism or social media marketing never quite panned out, that time still represents a period of my life that I will never forget. God granted me the opportunity to live the live I had always wanted – and then led me to the life that would sustain me far better than the other ever would have.

For Your Weekend

For Your Weekend

Happy Weekend, my dears!

Life Moments // In case you somehow didn’t hear me belting out some Alice Cooper…SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! Today and Monday will still be spent finishing up some miscellaneous tasks (hello, required teacher workdays), but it feels so good to be done. I still can’t believe I’ve been teaching for three years now, time has flown by!

Excitement // Tomorrow, my assistant and I (along with two of her daughters) will be spending the day at Carowinds, a local amusement park here in the Charlotte area. The park is hosting a Christian music festival in the evening with Matt Mahar, Newsboys, and my personal favorite, For King and Country. Our tickets included park admission AND passes to meet For King and Country so I am super excited. Concerts are my happy place.

Blog Posts // Like many around the world, I was so touched by Joey Feek and her strength and faith as she battled cancer. Her passing in March affected so many and I loved this post that her husband Rory posted this week on his blog. It’s incredible to read the words of a man who lost someone so close to him just three months ago and feel the amazing power of God through him.

Erica over at Coming Up Roses shared her tips for utilizing Snapchat and I loved it! I’ve had Snapchat for a couple of months now and I love that I’m able to keep up with some of my favorite bloggers in this new, fun way. And in case you’re interested, my Snapchat link is ashleygirl10!

Have a Great Weekend!

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