Friday Feels // Vol. 4

Happy Friday, friends! At last we finally started to dry out after 8 straight days of rain last week…only to get more wet weather around the middle of this week. Sigh. While I am in no way rushing summer along, I would like some Spring-like weather. Or at least one more snow day.

This week felt very hectic for some reason but whew, I made it! On Tuesday, I met up with two friends from college who live in the Triangle for Appalachian Night at the Carolina Hurricanes game. This was my third-ever hockey game and I must say, I think I like this sport. It was so fun to have bits of my college experience sprinkled throughout the night – complete with our mascot Yosef, part of our pep band, and the chorus even did the national anthem!

Wednesday evening, I watched an training course on evangelism that was put together by my church and it was really interesting! My Wednesday night group is one of two that I just recently joined, bringing my total up to three small groups. Whoops. I’m prayerfully stepping back though from at least one in order to try and create some more margin in my weekly schedule but I’m super grateful that the Lord answered my prayers for more opportunities to cultivate community here in Raleigh!

Thursday I had another workout with my trainer – I just have a few more sessions left! These eight weeks have flown by! While I do have slight anxiety about going into the gym “on my own” without his guidance, I am kind of happy to be able to have some flexibility in my schedule once I don’t have to factor in someone else’s calendar and availability. I think I tend to thrive more with routines and rhythms and currently things feel a little up in the air. The gym will still be part of my weekly rhythm though twice a week.

This weekend, I’m glad to have some margin built, especially after a busier week than usual. This evening I have an oil change scheduled for my car, which is not that exciting, but I scheduled it at the shop that is across from my favorite Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant Sassool so that part is exciting!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Feels // Vol. 2

Happy Friday, friends!

After being TA-less for two days this week due to the sickness that has been spreading like wildfire at my school – I am definitely happy to see Friday come around this week! So far, I have successfully avoided anything worse than a cold this season and I’d like to keep it that way! I’ve been taking 500 mg of Elderberry (I ordered 3 bottles of these elderberry capsules from Now Foods – they’re great!) for the past few weeks about twice a day. Whatever works, friends, whatever works.

This past Saturday, I discovered what might be my new favorite Raleigh-area coffee shop! Fount Coffee + Kitchen in Morrisville is super cute AND they have a 100% gluten-free kitchen! I got their vanilla latte with almond milk and their Morning Scramble stack (GF toast from a local company topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and mozzarella). DELICIOUS. I’m still thinking about that toast, it was so good. I even swung by after work yesterday to snag a GF/Vegan dark chocolate raspberry brownie. YUM! Sola has long been my favorite Raleigh coffee shop, but Fount has definitely tied for first.

Speaking of coffee…on Monday, in between work and small group, I grabbed some dinner at the Whole Foods in West Cary. Instead of a normal Whole Foods coffee bar they have a La Farm Bakery! While I’ve never been to the freestanding La Farm that is in another part of Cary, I’ve heard it’s delicious. I just think it’s so cool that they partnered with Whole Foods like that to share the same space. After eating my salad, I went over to grab my standard vanilla latte and a table so that I could read Hebrews 11 to get ready for group. It was so cute and cozy that I nearly forgot I was technically still in a grocery store!

This week I finally took the plunge and snagged a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! I’m super excited to be on Rachel Walker‘s team and start diving into these oils! Where I am in my own wellness journey, I’m definitely open to the emotional support that these oils can provide. Which is kind of hilarious considering I’ve kinda been a skeptic/doubter for a long time. But I’ve definitely seen how oils can be calming and great sleep support so I’ve gradually become more and more open to them! I’m sure as I dive into this community more I’ll be sharing about it here too.

Lastly, this weekend, some friends are hosting a Valentine’s Movie Night which is sure to be so fun. The commentary at these movie nights are usually better than the actual movies! Then, Sunday after church I’m planning on going home for a quick visit since I took Monday off. This week has definitely been a packed one but full of good things!

What are your weekend plans?

Friday Feels // Vol. 1

Happy Friday, friends!

There are all sorts of “blog series” out there that bloggers do and while I’ve done them in the past, I typically don’t keep up with them very well. But alas, here I am with my own sort of “series” called Friday Feels in an effort to meet with you all here in this space at least weekly.

Blogging has long held my heart for several years and I don’t think I’ll ever truly be able to step away from it. While I’ve been encouraged and inspired to post here more often in the past two months, I want to keep it up so this is my attempt at doing just that.

So on Fridays, I’ll be here sharing some things from the week. It will probably be an assortment of random things like blog posts I’ve read, Instagrammers I enjoy, things like that.

So, here we go…

I’ve had this essential oil diffuser in my bedroom for a couple months and I love it! It has different time settings or an option to diffuse continuously until the water runs out (it will turn off automatically when this happens). When I let it run continuously, it will run for nearly 8 hours which I think is pretty awesome! I just bought another one for my classroom!

This vulnerable and honest blog post on the infertility roller coaster from Ashten O’Malley is hitting me right in the feels today. I have followed her for awhile now and she has been pretty open about this heartbreaking journey. She also sells BeautyCounter products and uses the earnings to help fund the costs of their fertility journey so be sure to check that out as well!

Now that I am getting into the gym regularly, I have been obsessed with workout clothes! haha. Even though I know that no one is paying me any attention at the gym, I still like to feel comfortable. Lately, I have been obsessed with the high rise 7/8″ leggings from Old Navy Active as I just think they suit my height (I’m 5’10) better than crops or full-length leggings. I have these in both black and olive green and they are my favorites currently!

My latest food obsession has definitely been brussels sprouts, which has shocked just about everyone in my family – including me – since I have typically been a super picky eater when it comes to vegetables. But I’ve been loving them lately! My favorite way to make them lately is to cut up thick-cut bacon into smaller pieces and fry them until done and then toss shredded brussels into the bacon fat. Once they cook for a couple minutes I’ll drizzle in about a tablespoon or two of The New Primal’s Mustard BBQ sauce. SO GOOD.

Well, that’s it for this week – have a great weekend friends!

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