2019, Let’s Go

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!

It doesn’t quite feel believable that it’s January 1st around here although that’s probably because it’s legit 70 degrees here in Raleigh today. Seriously.

It seems fitting, though, that today is the first day of the year and I spent a portion of it in the gym. Now, that’s obviously not all that different from thousands, if not millions, of other people but hey, I was there.

I’m beginning 2019 in a manner that I would have never thought I would – and that is with a trainer. It feels strange even saying that, like there’s this weird thing that happens when I even say the word “trainer” but nevertheless, I’ve got one. And truthfully, it was high time.

My health journey isn’t super interesting in the grand scheme of things and I’m still learning to listen to my body and become more in tune with what it needs. And right now, in this season, it needs the addition of strength training and I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to get very far if I start out solo. Is it uncomfortable? Um, yes. My body kind of hates me. Is it awkward? Yep. But God has been showing me lately just how much I need to focus on my health in all areas (spiritual, mental, physical, etc). He’s reminding me that when one thing is off – whether it’s in my physical wellness, spiritual wellness, or whatever – it shows up in other areas of my life.

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Currently: January 2018


Happy New Year! Back in 2016 I posted to Anne in Residence’s Currently linkup regularly and I thought it would be fun to get back to that in 2018!

starting // My 2018 Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters! I took the plunge and ordered the six month set in July of last year when my family and I were completing our first Whole30. I totally fell in love with them so I snagged the yearly set back in November. I’m a paper and planning junkie anyway, but there’s just something about this product that speaks so deeply into my heart + soul. Between the Powersheets and my new yearly prayer journal from Val Marie Paper, I just feel so encouraged to prayerfully move into this new year.

hoping // 2018 is poised to be a year of great change in my life – change that will likely consist of me moving somewhere completely unfamiliar this Fall (see this post). I’m truly just hoping to prayerfully begin this year with a heart that is in tune with Jesus and His will + plan for whatever lies ahead.

scheduling // Ha, my workouts? The yoga studio in my town where I’ve been going for a few month now just began a new schedule with some new class offerings this week. I just want to try all the things!

reading // I’m currently reading Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren and loving it! I’m also reading and praying through the Bible chronologically this year with my sister. We’re using one of the plans in the YouVersion Bible app that was recommended by the amazing Lara Casey!

planning // All the things! I’m just excited and hopeful for all that 2018 could offer but for this month in particular, there are two things I’m planning on attending that has me excited! On January 12, Emily Ley (creator of the Simplified Planner and author of Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life) will be in Charlotte for a stop on her book tour and I am hoping to make it out to meet her! Then on January 25, the women’s community at my church will be hosting their first worship night – which I am super excited about!

See you next month!

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