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This morning, I am grateful for many things. The ability to travel, returning home safely from a fun four days in Texas, but mostly I am grateful today for how God has been calling to me lately and my ability to recognize that.

There’s a stand up comedy bit called “There’s Your Sign”, although I can’t quite recall which comedian made it popular. This past week or so, I cannot deny that God has been actively working on me to see a particular sign from Him.

The past two sermons at my church have both discussed the Bible and how we should actually be making a point to sit down and really study it. Not just glossing over the verses in our devotionals or being able to recall particular verses but actually praying over them and reflecting on what it means for our lives. Being completely transparent with you guys right now, I am absolutely terrible at this. I read my daily She Reads Truth verses and passages and mark them off, but I never really allowed myself to give them the proper reflection that they deserve. Reading the Word and studying the Word are not necessarily the same things.

In between those two sermons, I happened to discover the ESV study bible through my sister and her roommate who uses it. This, coupled with the sentiments from the two sermons definitely seemed like God calling me to spend more time with him through study and reflection. I recognized that and I began to take steps to do just that. For the past week, I have been carving out a time to spend with God each day; not just with my Bible app but with my ESV study bible, a highlighter, and a journal. We’re not always able to slow down and catch those signs that God is sending our way, but I am grateful that I recognized this call from Him.

That alone would, of course, be enough to make me very grateful this morning but what really makes me smile is what occurred yesterday. I was having lunch with my sister at one of our favorite Durham spots, and she tells me that she has a gift for me. It’s not my birthday and Christmas is (unfortunately) still months away, but she had a gift for me all the same. It was a Write the Word journal from Lara Casey.

This beautiful little journal has a specific verse or passage each day with a space for you to write out the word, then a space for what’s on your heart. I think when my sister handed it to me, I just started giggling because all I could think about was God saying, Ashley, there’s your sign.

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